The Unknown Secret of Cationic Fabric

Update: 29-06-2020

The cationic fabric appear more and more in our clothin […]

The cationic fabric appear more and more in our clothing, so what is cationic fabric? What secrets does it have? Cationic fabric don't sound familiar to laymen, but in the eyes of professionals, cationic fabric are not mysterious. Why?

Cationic fabric means that one kind of yarn in fabric is specially treated cationic yarn, such as cationic polyester yarn or cationic nylon yarn. So, why do you need to make it into cationic yarn? Because the market needs it.

Cations are resistant to high temperature, so other yarns will be colored, but cationic yarns will not. In this case, the dyed yarns will show two-color effect, and the yarns with this effect can be made into various kinds of clothing, so cationic fabric will be produced.

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