What Are The Classifications of Yarn Dyed Fabrics?

Update: 27-10-2020

Yarn-dyed weaving means that when weaving into cloth, w […]

Yarn-dyed weaving means that when weaving into cloth, we use pre-dyed yarn instead of woven into white fabric and then printed and dyed. yarn dyed fabric is the material used to make clothing. Next, introduce the types of yarn dyed fabrics.

1. According to different raw materials

It can be divided into yarn-dyed cotton, yarn-dyed polyester-cotton fabric, yarn-dyed medium-length wool-like tweed, full wool tweed, wool-polyester tweed, wool-polyester tweed, slub gauze, knotted gauze, etc., as well as silk and linen There are many yarn dyed fabrics as raw materials.

2. According to different weaving methods

It can be divided into plain yarn dyed fabric, yarn-dyed poplin, yarn-dyed checkered tweed, Oxford cloth, chambray, denim, khaki, twill, herringbone, gabardine, satin, small jacquard, jacquard and so on.

3. According to the different process characteristics of the front and rear channels

It can be divided into: color warp and white weft cloth (Oxford cloth, chambray, denim, labor cloth, etc.), color warp and color weft cloth (checked cloth, checkered cloth, sheet cloth, tartan, etc.) A variety of yarn-dyed plush fabrics formed by napping, raising, sanding and milling of Dao crafts.

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