What is "Memory Fabric"?

Update: 29-12-2020

What is "memory fabric", does it mean that fabrics have […]

What is "memory fabric", does it mean that fabrics have memories like people?

As the name suggests, it is a fabric that can memorize shape, also known as memory cloth or shape memory cloth. Specifically, after the fabric is fixed in its original state, if it deforms, it can be restored or restored to its original state after some external stimuli. Once the fabric is shaped, it can undergo any deformation and can be restored under certain conditions.

1. Features:

The clothing made of memory fabric does not require external support, can independently maintain any shape and can exhibit any folds, and can be completely restored to a flat state after flicking by hand, without leaving any creases, and the shape retention is permanent.

This kind of fabric has good wrinkle recovery ability (good wrinkle effect and recovery ability are the characteristics of the latest international trend of functional fabrics), comfortable hand feel, soft luster, fine and soft texture, good drape, pollution resistance, chemical resistance, Dimensional stability, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet and other characteristics. The most important thing is that with "memory", the fabric becomes non-iron and easy to care.

2. Application:

Memory fabric is suitable for suits, windbreakers, jackets, ladies suits, etc.

3. Classification:

Memory fabrics can be divided into the following three types:

"Semi-memory" refers to the use of "memory fibers" in a single direction of warp or weft;

"Full memory" usually refers to fabrics woven with "memory fibers" as raw materials in the warp and weft directions;

"Imitation memory" is a fabric that is twisted with ordinary polyester yarn and treated with light alkali or no alkali.

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