What is Special about Memory Fabrics?

Update: 24-11-2020

What kind of fabric is memory fabric? Memory fabric, as […]

What kind of fabric is memory fabric?

Memory fabric, as its name implies, is a fabric that can memorize shape, also known as memory cloth or shape memory cloth. Specifically, after the fabric is fixed in its original state, if it deforms, it can be restored or restored to its original state after some external stimuli. Once the fabric is shaped, it can undergo any deformation and can be restored under certain conditions. It feels amazing, and this is the so-called memory fabric.

What are the characteristics of memory fabrics?

First of all, the moisture absorption of this fabric is not bad, it can wick away sweat and keep it fresh.

The second is permanent shape retention. Once this fabric is shaped, it can maintain any shape. After wrinkles appear, it can be restored to its original shape by gently flicking it without leaving a trace.

There is also a relatively good antistatic, ultraviolet and other fabrics that also have functions.

It is also very good in terms of hand feel and touch. The texture is soft and delicate, very comfortable, and the fabric can be easily treated without ironing.

Finally, this fabric is not easy to be contaminated, more durable, and not easily damaged by some strong chemical substances.

This currently very trendy and powerful fabric is naturally more sought-after in the market. So-called similar fabrics with various titles have appeared on the market, such as semi-memory, anti-memory, and full memory. Prices vary greatly, and the functional properties of fabrics also vary. Naturally, some similar fabrics with different names on the market are very different from real memory fabrics. Therefore, you must be more cautious when buying, and don't try to be cheap.

The technology of memory fabric continues to mature, and it is likely to become the mainstream fashion product in the market in the near future. Therefore, some understanding of memory fabrics is also very necessary.

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