Yarn Dyed Fabric Brings Us A Good Use Wxperience

Update: 12-02-2020

The yarn dyed fabric may not be very famous among many […]

The yarn dyed fabric may not be very famous among many fabrics, but it has attracted a large number of admirers with its unique performance and production process. Yarn dyed fabric is woven from dyed yarns, and its style is unique compared with dyed fabrics, so its price is relatively higher.

With the development of recent years, yarn dyed fabric has left a deep impression on consumers. Generally, people dye yarns through colour spinning and dyed yarns. Of course, what we usually call yarn dyed fabric are usually woven through woven machines. With the development of science and technology, some knitting machines can also produce good yarn dyed fabric at the same time.

Different from dyed polyester fabric, dyed polyester fabric has better colour fastness to lock, because it dyes the yarn first and then weaves it into dyed polyester fabric. At this time, the colour has slowly seeped into the yarn. After dyeing, the dyed polyester fabric can still see that some places are not dyed by opening the yarn. Yarn dyed fabric can bring us such a good experience.