What Are The Composition Equations of Bonded Fabric

Update: 14-02-2020

Bonded fabric is a new material formed by bonding one o […]

Bonded fabric is a new material formed by bonding one or more layers of textile materials, nonwoven materials and other functional materials. It is suitable for making sofas, clothing and other textiles, and is an indispensable fabric for people's home life.

Bonded fabric is made by using superfine fiber in specific textile processing and unique dyeing finishing and then processed by "bonded" equipment. The bonded fabric uses high technology and new materials of "new synthetic fiber" and has many excellent properties (compared with ordinary synthetic fiber). For example, the fabric is fine, clean, delicate, elegant, warm, full in appearance, windproof, breathable, and has certain waterproof function. Its main characteristics are warmth retention and good air permeability.

Each batch of bonded fabric shall be effectively maintained. firstly, the bonded film of the reverse fabric (the film is a transparent material similar to nylon film) shall be bonded with chemical materials, and then the bonded fabric shall be maintained. the longer the maintenance treatment is, the better the bonding fastness of the fabric and the degree of fusion of the adhesive. generally, the domestic adhesive requires three days of maintenance time, while the imported adhesive requires five days or more. to fully integrate the adhesive between the fabric and the film, the length of time will also affect the bonding effect with the front fabric. The maintenance and treatment workshop is completely closed. Only when the temperature and humidity are kept in the room can the adhesive naturally fuse. If the temperature is increased for rapid completion, it can speed up the operation process of the finished fabric, but it often happens. During the sewing process of the finished fabric, the yarn of the fabric is broken by needle, the hand feeling becomes hard, and there will be rustling sound when rubbing against each other, which indicates that the adhesive solidifies on the fabric and hardens the yarn of the fabric.