After Washing, The Waterproof Nylon Fabric Clothes Will Not Have Any Loss

Update: 06-03-2020

Clothes need to be cleaned just like people need to tak […]

Clothes need to be cleaned just like people need to take a bath. In addition to maintaining the beauty and removing unsightly stains, dirt adhering to the surface will affect the air permeability of waterproof nylon fabric clothes and even mould eventually.

All waterproof nylon fabric clothes can be machine washed without any loss of waterproof performance after washing.

1. You need to pull all the zippers, fasten the buttons and stick the hook and loop on your waterproof nylon fabric clothes, and restore the wind rope on the stretched hat, otherwise, the fabric will be distorted.

2. No softener can be added. The softener may cause the adhesive tape, the attached film and the lining to separate, and the clothes will be scrapped. Even if it is not so serious, the generation of bubbles is inevitable. If you are not sure whether the laundry detergent used contains softener (most of which do), please use washing powder, detergent and other substances for washing.

3. Don't use hot water, warm water, waterproof nylon fabric clothes afraid of high temperature.

4. Usually, the drum is better than the pulsator, with less wear and tangle on clothes, but it is not necessary.

5. Please do not spin dry. The lining cloth of waterproof nylon fabric clothing itself has fast-drying property, and it does not absorb much water. It does not take much time to hang and dry, so do not use strong centrifugal force to hurt it again.