Lightweight Fabric Are Widely Used in Various Fields

Update: 11-03-2020

Lightweight Fabric adopt low linear density of monofila […]

Lightweight Fabric adopt low linear density of monofilament and low total denier, which make them light, thin and soft and effectively combine with the basic functions of clothing. It has excellent wearability such as light weight, moisture absorption, quick-drying, good air permeability, soft hand feeling, pilling resistance, warmth retention, etc. It is widely used in high-grade light fabrics such as sports and leisure clothing, underwear, swimwear, socks, etc.

Lightweight fabrics can make fiber products lightweight and fluffy, so they can be used in coral fleece products, such as ladies' casual jackets, bathrobes, nightgowns, plush toys, etc., as well as sofa cushions, car seat covers, etc. Fine denier fiber is very suitable for silk-like series. The ultra-thin fabric made of this fiber has smooth cloth surface, clear lines, fine texture, smooth hand feeling, good moisture absorption and air permeability, and can be used for high-grade clothing fabrics.

Lightweight fibers are very suitable for processing lightweight fabrics. The fineness of the fiber can make the lustre of the fabric softer, increase the mercerizing effect and drape feeling, and can be used for manufacturing various high-grade evening dresses and knitted garments.

After the fineness of the fiber reaches a certain level, the high-performance cleaning cloth made of the fiber can absorb dirt objects such as dust, particles, liquid and the like which are more than 7 times of its own weight, can wipe various glasses, film and television equipment, precision instruments and the like, and has no damage to the mirror surface, therefore, the product has also been widely applied in the fields of precision machinery, optical instruments, microelectronics, dust-free rooms and the like.

Lightweight fabrics are increasingly applied to high density waterproof and breathable fabrics. In the application of assault clothing and tents, it has the characteristics of light texture, good drapability, soft and plump hand feeling, fine structure, etc. Although it is not coated and waterproof, it also has high waterproof and breathable properties. Coupled with a light texture, it has been recognized by high-end brand customers and widely used. Special-shaped nylon 6 fiber has been widely recognized for its light weight while giving full play to its performance advantages.

The bulkiness of light fabric also provides the possibility for imitation of artificial fur. Products such as suede and artificial leather made by raising, sanding and post-treatment have the characteristics of light weight, softness, smooth surface, waterproof and breathable, good strength, no deformation, etc. They are widely used in sofa fabric, automobile interior decoration and other fields.