The Difference Between Yarn Dyed Fabric And Printed Fabric

Update: 10-08-2020

Nowadays, with people paying more and more attention to […]

Nowadays, with people paying more and more attention to clothes, the textile industry has arisen, in which yarn dyed fabric and corduroy are widely used. Actually speaking of yarn dyed fabric, there are many things we don't know about, printing and dyeing fabrics. I believe everyone knows more about them. Let's introduce the differences between them.

The yarn dyed fabric we use is a kind of fabric which is dyed with yarn, and is produced according to the color configuration of different yarns we need and reasonable organizational structure. It has a certain pattern and color.

The fabrics of yarn dyed fabric generally present the style of plaid and sliver, and are also generally woven fabrics. Yarn dyeing of yarn dyed fabric is generally divided into two types: dyed yarn and dyed yarn. Generally speaking, yarn dyed fabric are woven fabrics, but knitting machines can also make yarn dyed knitted fabrics, which can interweave a variety of products with different flower shapes and colors by changing yarns of different colors and interweaving ways of warp and weft yarns.

Yarn dyed fabric are generally woven fabrics, like some men's shirts we wear at ordinary times. Most of them are made of yarn dyed fabric, but there are a few exceptions. At this time, you can look at the reverse side of the cloth. If there are some faint plaid or stripes on the reverse side, it is yarn dyed fabric. If there is nothing white, it is printed and dyed cloth. Knitted fabrics are generally weft-knitted with more horizontal stripes. And the printed and dyed cloth is finished by printing and dyeing the embryo cloth.

Printing and dyeing cloth can be divided into printing and dyeing cloth. Printing includes horse printing and sheet printing. Horse printing is the whole design and color of a horse that has been formed on the machine, and sheet printing is a local pattern, just like some of our clothes, some of which are covered with a whole piece, that is, horse printing. If it is only on the chest or arm, it is sheet printing. Yarn dyed fabric have better dyeing degree than printed fabrics, and are not easy to fade.