The Technical Level of Weaving And Dyeing of Cotton Nylon Fabric Is Mature And Stable

Update: 19-02-2020

For woven fabrics, cotton nylon fabric is the fabric in […]

For woven fabrics, cotton nylon fabric is the fabric interwoven with nylon and cotton. Perhaps due to the limitation of spinning technology, blended cotton nylon fabric is rarely seen at present, so we will discuss the cotton nylon fabric below.

Cotton nylon fabric can be broadly understood as the general name of fabric containing nylon and cotton. As for the production and application links, it can be subdivided into cotton nylon fabric and nylon cotton fabric. In production, we will call warp nylon, weft cotton called cotton nylon fabric. The warp-wise cotton yarn and weft-wise nylon are called nylon cotton fabrics. Both types of fabrics can be elastic, and stretch cotton nylon and stretch nylon cotton are also very popular fabrics.

Cotton nylon fabric has a long history of development. Previous cotton nylon fabric are thicker and are generally used as windbreaker coats and jackets. The style and function are improved through sanding and coating, and the application surface is relatively narrow. In recent years, nylon and cotton yarn are developing in the direction of fine and fine. Nylon can be used for 15D, 20D, 30D and 50D, and cotton yarn can be as fine as 100S and 80S. This kind of fabric is gradually applied to spring/summer shirts and women's skirts and appears as high-grade women's clothing fabric.

Cotton nylon fabric contains a high proportion of cotton, so it is breathable and comfortable to wear. Cotton nylon is also rich in weaving structure, with plain weave, twill, satin and various kinds of changes. It is mainly developed in a soft and flexible style. If the natural properties of cotton yarn are more prominent, the effect will be better. Therefore, there are often ultra-fine nylon yarns interwoven with rough cotton yarns and slub yarns to make the cotton feel more vivid, feel plump, and feel soft. Elastic cotton nylon is the love of women's casual wear, especially casual pants and women's skirt fabrics. Elastic fabrics are the mainstream in the future and natural style is the main trend.

The weaving and dyeing technology of cotton nylon fabric are mature and stable. How to fully develop the style suitable for the popular trend is the key perplexing factor.